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    She has earned a distinguished reputation as a catalyst for change, a voice of reason and hope to the nations.

    queen adorning many crowns, Keisha B. Spivey is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Empowerment Coach, Professor, and Pastor. It was prophesized to Keisha at a young age that she would go into ministry, but Keisha initially took a different path. She obtained her bachelor’s in political science from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and went to work in the corporate world. Keisha thought with her love for puzzles, details, and facts that this was her calling, but God wanted to use that passion for another arena in life. She often did ministry conferences helping to encourage, empower and heal attendees. It was after one conference in Littleton, N.C. that she finally accepted the calling from God to not enforce the law of the land, but to invoke the law of the Kingdom!

    That conference in Littleton gave birth to Ripple Effects Ministry where she educates, equips and empowers individuals to change their lives through truth, hope and love. Just as the name suggests, Ripple Effects gave way to many more opportunities such as conferences and programs. She’s gone into schools, churches, colleges and corporate industries to host “Real Talk” sessions where attendees can get real solutions to real issues such as politics, drugs, race and accomplishing goals. Keisha has been invited to speak on various occasions about numerous topics like marriage, self-improvement, receiving your breakthrough from the Lord, identity and getting back up when it seems like the Devil has you defeated.

    Keisha B. Spivey inspires and assists our global community to live life on the maximum by providing vibrant encounters that challenge and excite, purposeful strategies that provide clear guidance and accountability that delivers measurable results that fulfill life, vision and purpose.

    As if Keisha isn’t busy enough, she continues to use her talents and gifts to assist others. She’s had two motivational television shows, Koffee with Keisha broadcasted locally in Greensboro, NC and Maximum Impact, also aired locally , has two published books, “Turnkey Dreams: Keys to turning YOUR dreams into YOUR reality” and “Get Real: Are You a Superwoman or a Supermess?”, with another book on the way called “Pastor & The Prisoner: Destiny is Determined by Decisions.”

    Utilizing her Master of Arts in Christian Leadership Studies and Master of Divinity obtained from Liberty University, Keisha is currently a professor in the Theology Department at North Carolina Wesleyan College. She lives in Rocky Mount, N.C. with her husband, Eric. They have three children, Aaron, Myia and Victoria.