First of all, outside of the Christ in me, I register very low on the “adjusting well to flexibility” radar.  I am naturally a planner and like for things to go as such.  BUT, we both realize that this is not usually the way things flow or go.  So the question is not really if you are flexible or not, the question is “How well do we regroup and restart when it is required?”

When a child has to go to the emergency room, when an appointment is rescheduled, when the car breaks down, when you are having to travel out-of-town, when the fridge stops working, when. when.. when…  The when list goes on an on an on.

I made the comment to my husband that I am simply not flexible and his response was super wise and casual, as usual.  He said, “Everyone is flexible, they really don’t have a choice, but our maturity level is revealed in how we respond.”  I thought about that for the moment and had to agree.

When the car won’t start, there is simply nothing you can do about it, but keep a positive mental attitude (PMA) – and adjust accordingly.  When the kids are not ready when you need for them to be, figure out what you can do differently next time.  When the appointment gets canceled at the last minute, all you can do is find something else productive to do with your time.  So my challenge to you this week is to stop looking at how well things go according to the plan… but instead, commit to checking your attitude when there is a shift or shake up in your day.  You may not be able to control the “unexpected opportunity” – but you have the Fruit of the Spirit flowing in you, so you can control YOU through the power of the Holy Ghost.

I guess the secret is less complaining and more remaining. Our level of flexibility increases when we remain connected to the vine.

Hang on and enjoy the ride!