Beautiful Day – Beautiful Mind

On last week, I enjoyed listening to Beth Moore speak on a Beautiful Mind and it was a wonderful teaching.  As I look outside at the weather today, I am reminded that some days are clear, some are cloudy, some are rainy, some are stormy, and some are dark… but the condition of the day [...]

Beautiful Day – Beautiful Mind2019-02-24T06:13:30-05:00

Tap into Grace

Grace is the power of God working in your life.  When we allow God’s power, God’s guidance, and God’s favor to be the driving force in our lives, we are able to sit and rest in His plan, His way, and His timing.  When we “drive”, God sits down and we are on a freeway [...]

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Not Your Job

It is not your job to “convince” anyone what God is doing in your life.  It is not your job to “explain” to anyone why you are making radical, unorthodox,  and life-transforming decisions.  It is not your job to “justify” your dreams, hopes, and beliefs.  It is not your job to “pull” people along with [...]

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Who Knew?

I spent the entire day in bed on Saturday and got back into bed after church on Sunday!  Who would have guessed that a full day and a half in bed was just what the doctor ordered?  I certainly didn’t!  Every time I made up my mind to get up and do something, a voice [...]

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Let It Rain

What was your initial response when you heard that the weather that we have been enjoying is about to change to rain and cool temperatures?  The first thing I thought was “oh man”.  This morning as I laid in bed on PURPOSE and thought about a familiar story in the book in which a gentleman needed [...]

Let It Rain2018-11-19T06:26:24-05:00

Are you flexible?

First of all, outside of the Christ in me, I register very low on the “adjusting well to flexibility” radar.  I am naturally a planner and like for things to go as such.  BUT, we both realize that this is not usually the way things flow or go.  So the question is not really if [...]

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Withholding “No Thing”

If were to challenge you to a life of “withholding nothing,” what would it look like to you? Not in theory, but in reality.  Does the thought free you to dream impossible dreams or does it trap you in a pond of quicksand? As I sat at my table this morning and reflected over that phrase, [...]

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This morning I read that “In quietness (spending time alone with God) and confident trust (relying on God’s sufficiency) is your strength.”  I wish I could tell you that being still and getting quiet before God was easy for me, but it is not.  It has nothing to do with not wanting to, not knowing how vitally important it [...]


No More ‘Buts’

Have you ever felt like God was chasing you down with one word? Everywhere you looked and everywhere you turned that one word was before you.  You open your Bible; it’s there. You turn on the television; it’s there.  You have a conversation with someone you love and trust, and there it goes again.  Well, [...]

No More ‘Buts’2018-10-21T13:20:30-04:00