It is not your job to “convince” anyone what God is doing in your life. It is not your job to “explain” to anyone why you are making radical, unorthodox, and life transforming decisions. It is not your job to “justify” your dreams, hopes, and beliefs.  It is not your job to “pull” people along with you. It is not your job to “slow down” so that you don’t make others around you feel bad because they are driving life in cruise control. It is not your job to “dim” your light because it is shining so bright. It is not your job to “hide” the salt shaker because anyone else is refusing to add flavor to their attitude.

It is your job to be true to you, the vision that God has called you to, and to the journey that He has equipped you to walk.  It is your job to personalize Phil 4:13 which says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” into realizing it says that “You can do everything that God has asked you to do right now in your life”. You can stop cursing, you can stop complaining, you can stop procrastinating, you can stop drinking, you can stop smoking, you can stop eating so much, you can stop making excuses, etc. Guess what? This is your job!! How can you do this?  Because God dwells in you and THROUGH Him ALL things are possible. Get refreshed with your job description.