This is a post that I wrote years ago while I was attending a Joyce Meyer Conference – long before the movie Frozen was released. Timeless principles never change. I pray it blesses you.

On yesterday, I had a few minutes in my day that had me asking questions that I should not have been asking. I was wise enough not to answer but not strong enough (at the moment) to avoid the session. As I began to ask these questions, fear, doubt, confusion, and despair tried to attack my mind and thought life like a bandit on the run. I recognized the need to arrest these thoughts; however, I chose to put them on pause for a few minutes. I went into the Coliseum where Joyce Meyer was scheduled to speak and took a seat near the front and began to read and pray so that I could position myself to receive the Word that she would be bringing forth later that night.

I flashed the Conference brochure that they gave me at the door and decided to browse through it. As I looked at each of the titles, I said, “Need that, could use that, or wow.”  Then I came to a title of a series that SCREAMED my name in 3 languages, tongues, and with a loud horn so I got up out of my seat and started toward the product table. As soon as I passed through the doors, I noticed lots of people standing around. I looked through the crowd and glimpsed Dave Meyer’s head.  As I began to approach the crowd, I noticed Joyce Meyer standing about 20 feet ahead of me. I moved through the crowd until she was directly in front of me. I smiled, spoke, and took her picture because as long as I have been coming to her conferences, I have never seen her in the foyer. As I walked away from that encounter, God began to speak to my heart.  He said, “Here you were feeling a tad bit sorry for yourself because of what someone has said about you – they rejected you, what you represent, what you stand for.  Don’t waste a moment more of your life on people’s opinion of you for I fully ACCEPT you. I accept you so much that I CHOSE you for such a time as this to represent me, to represent my Glory, to represent my promises, and to be salt in “unflavored places” and light in “dark closets of despair.”  I love you so much that I personally orchestrated this opportunity for you to KNOW and recognize the place that I am bringing you into. Men may have an opinion of you based on what they see, my opinion is based on what I preordained you to be.  Choose today whose opinion will take root in your heart and live purposefully with that opinion in mind.”

I shared this with you because God has chosen you too… in spite of what it looks like, feels like, sounds like, what people say or don’t say, and on an on an on. He SELECTED you for such a time as this to be a trophy of His goodness, mercy, and power. Walk in that opinion of you.  Don’t let the opinion of others or the “untrue” opinion you have of success cloud the view. When you let go of the opinions of others, you embrace the opinion of your Creator.