Living on the M.A.X.

    GOD HAS PREPARED ME. and I am not going about this on my own. I want
    us to live on MAX together.

    As grateful as I am by the blessings and gifts that God has placed inside of me, I recognize that with this charge comes great responsibility. I believe that God has called and empowered me to share Truth in a manner that holds people accountable and allows them to increase their capacity to fulfill dreams, pursue interest, and to impact the world in ways they never imagined possible. God has called me to help turn splashes into ripples that never stop growing!

    I can help you turn your splashes into a ripple effect that never stops growing.

    Sowing into your life is a blessing to me. My dream is to spread the power within me to others by helping them to improve their livelihood and future. I cannot do this alone. I need your help!

    Let’s not limit these resources to just us, help me to pour into the lives of others by becoming a partner, donating and spreading the word. With your help, we can impact the world!

    “Do You” Partner


    “The Real” Partner


    MAX Partner


    Some Go, Some Send!

    Will you support KBSE and send our team to people that need guidance,
    encouragement, and truth wrapped in love, but are unable to afford services? Will you partner with us to support community outreaches, Bibles/devotionals being distributed in low income areas, resources being distributed at schools, transitional housing being offered for the homeless, and so much more?

    I can help you turn your splashes into a ripple effect that never stops growing.

    Please prayerfully consider being a “Do You, The Real, Or MAX” partner and let’s touch the world together – all for His glory! We can do so much more – together!

    Let’s Work Together

    I’m excited about working with you and can’t wait to get started!
    Fill out the information below and I’ll give you a jingle!