Have you ever felt like God was chasing you down with one word? Everywhere you looked and everywhere you turned that one word was before you.  You open your Bible; it’s there. You turn on the television; it’s there.  You have a conversation with someone you love and trust, and there it goes again.  Well, the word that keeps bouncing off of the walls of my life and everywhere I look is “trust.”

So often as women of faith, we see the word trust, and say, “Oh, I am good with that.”  However, the past few weeks, God has gently and consistently shown me weak links in my trust armor.  How do I know this – because, for some strange reason, I had been battling fear.   Not fear from man, not fear from uncertainty, but the type of concern that arises in situations that I cannot control.

When you begin to dig around a fear tree in our lives, you will quickly discover that the roots are dripping with  “lack of control” issues.  As courageous women of God, this is something that we do not like to chat about, but it is the very thing that has many of us locked into “directing” situations, relationships, and circumstances that distract us from what we are supposed to be doing.

What does all of this have to do with a “Bounce Back But”?  When a situation becomes crystal clear to us that we do not have any control over it, many of us go into “Fix Mode!”  We start creatively, manipulatively, and passionately trying to navigate the moving parts on the situations machinery to get the results that we want.  The problem with this is that this type of behavior reveals a lack of faith.

Psalm 31:14 says, “BUT, I trust in you, O Lord, I say, ‘You are my God.’” It begins with a BUT!  When we see the word but, we know that whatever happened previously in that sentence created a reaction in us that requires a shift.  My BUT response indicates that I have decided that part one of this equation was not going to dictate my part 2 response.  Instead of being burdened down by “this potential issue,” I am choosing to bounce back with a BUT of trust, faith, and perspective.  This situation is not going to bully me, beat me, or belittle me; instead, it is going to be the springboard to a bounce-back faith that eliminates ‘buts’. No more ‘buts;” I choose to trust God!