On last week, I enjoyed listening to Beth Moore speak on a Beautiful Mind and it was a wonderful teaching.  As I look outside at the weather today, I am reminded that some days are clear, some are cloudy, some are rainy, some are stormy, and some are dark… but the condition of the day has no impact on what has to be accomplished in the day.

Our minds are somewhat like the weather.  Some days we are floating around on sunshine recognizing who we are in Christ and other days the dark clouds seem to block our clear thinking.  Whatever the day “looks like” really only affects our perspective, it has nothing to do with our authority, power, and dominion.  This same understanding has to become a part of our mindset.  Though storm clouds come, we have to know that these storms do not change our identity.  These challenges do not hinder our power.  These distractions do not change God’s plan for our lives.  Realizing these things will help our minds to remain focused and beautiful.  Beautiful because it is meditating on what the Word says and not what we see.  Beautiful because it rises above the circumstances of life.  Beautiful because it looks like the mind of Christ.

So, just like you are enjoying this beautiful day, get excited about enjoying a beautiful mind to go along with it.