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    MAXX Life Coaching offers a unique and transforming approach to help you discover your why, strategize your what, and navigate through your how.  It has a proven track record of success with clients who have launched businesses, transitioned successful career moves, experienced restoration in relationships, and realized dreams that they had rocked to sleep.  

    MAXX Life Coaching joins you on your journey to transition from what could happen to what will happen once you decide that your dreams are worth the fight.  Allow Coach Keisha to utilize her experience and discernment to help you get from where you are right now to the place you desire to be!

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    Far too often, we fall prey to drifting in life due to circumstances and sitting down in our situations, instead of pursuing the things that we are passionate about becoming and obtaining. We slip into the trap of surviving instead of thriving. We literally “go through the motions” instead of “practicing being present” in our own lives. We are not enjoying the journey and are angry at the world. Then we begin to ask ourselves questions such as

    “How did I get here?”
    “Why am I here?”
    “What am I supposed to be doing here?”
    “Did I miss it?”
    “Is it too late for me?”
    “Is this all to life?”

    Left to ourselves, we settle in this place called “here” and never get focused on going “there”.
    This often frightens us because it is unfamiliar and uncharted territory in our lives. We are aware that there is more to life, and we dream of experiencing more, but deep down to our very core, we are uncertain that we ever will.

    Walking out of your comfort zone into purpose and destiny requires a strategy. A strategy requires a strategist! A Life Strategist helps you to dig into the essence of who you are and helps you discover the passions buried within you. A Life strategist will challenge your current thinking, charge you to move forward intentionally, and hold you accountable to the person that you desire to be.

    Keisha B. Spivey is an ICF Certified Professional Life Coach, an Empowerment Strategist, and an ordained minister with over 20 years of Christian counseling experience. Her mission is to help people transform their lives from ordinary to extraordinary so that they can live life on MAX.

    Coach Keisha will help you create a Personalized Life Strategy to get you from “here” to “there” and to truly discover God’s purpose and plan for your life. In this process, you will learn to embrace your true who, courageously pursue what God has called you to do, and learn how to push through resistance. Keisha’s goal is to assist you on the journey to “Do you to the Max.”

    “If your heart says, ‘Ready, set, grow’– I want to partner with you!” – Keisha

    The Process.

    Our introductory sessions will address the following questions:

    1. Where am I now?
    2. Where do I desire to be?
    3. What are potential destiny blockers?
    4. What is required for me to overcome them?

    If commitment and determination are a part of your DNA and you want to remove fear from your chemical make-up, I believe you are ready to “Do You to the Max” and seize the opportunity to truly become the Best You Possible.

    What People Are Saying?

    Meeting with Keisha transformed my life into much of what it is today. She gave me the discipline, direction, guidance, encouragement, clarity & fuel to chase after a stronger relationship with God, to simplify my life, and to launch a business. Her transparency catapulted me within my faith. She is indeed a change agent & a TRUE Disciple.

    Rita Teacher, Teacher/Personal Chef

    In 2005, I came to her as a hungry and desperate client.  I was so hungry and in need of Spiritual Food and direction in my life. God gave that to me through Keisha. She could relate to what I was going through in my life and offered me clarity on how to navigate through it all. I had so many dreams and desires bubbling up in my heart, and Keisha helped me channel my frustrations into short-term and long-term goals. God gave me the gifts, but Keisha helped pull them out of me and now as a result of that, I  am an award-winning actress, writer, playwright, author, producer, director, and entertainment company owner. I am an international artist!!! At the time that I first met Keisha, I just wanted to do Community Theater and sing on the church praise team. Through her, God has expanded my vision of who and what I can be, and I know that the BEST IS YET TO COME!!!! Keisha helped to ignite the light that burns on the inside of me and shines on the outside.

    Tashia Dorcey, Playwright, Actress

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    Individual Sessions

    (45 Minute Phone or Live Video Sessions)

    Each client has different reasons and varying seasons which requires each session to be individually tailored to their specific needs.

    Session Working Overview:
    Prayer | Accountability Plan | Background Discussion | Assignments
    Deep Dive Dialogue | Prayer | Action Strategy | Email Support

    Quarterly Growth Session


    Ready to take the next steps? Complete your free assessment and schedule your FREE Introductory 15-minute coaching session with Coach Keisha today.

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