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Will you put in the work required to fulfill the destiny that God has ordained for you or will you bury it and not share your gifts with the world?

Will you shutter in a corner hiding God’s blessings or will you live your Christianity out loud?

The Maximum Impact Life Institute courses will help you tap into all God has for you and wants to do through you. You can’t upload love, you can’t download time, you can’t Google all of life’s answers. You must actually live some of your life. Live Life Maximized.

“There are those who look at things the way they are and ask ‘Why?’ … I dream of things that never were and ask, ‘Why not?’”
—Robert F. Kennedy

Maximum Impact Life Institute?(MILI)

MILI courses helps educate, equip and empower you to change your life via truth, hope and love contagiously. We will ignite you to make real decisions, become disciples and live up to your potential. MILI strives to become a global voice, as well as a lifelong journey of spiritual growth and personal development that teaches Biblical truth and practical life application to people locally, nationally, and around the world.

Ever increasing demands and responsibilities continue to make us feel as if we are drifting further away from the people and things we value most. Culture aims to keep us running and often it feels like it is in circles. The solution to this dilemma is to discover what “balance” looks like to you in this season and to help you establish boundaries to help you keep the “main thing” the main thing. The “Balancing Act” will teach you how to live from the core of who God made you to be and to recognize the power of living life strategically.

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You were created uniquely in God’s image with value beyond measure. Yet, far too many of us find ourselves comparing ourselves to others, denying the essence of who we truly are, and settling for a counterfeit version of our authentic selves.  Isn’t it time you took off the mask of what disappointments, society, and other people have placed upon you? “Get Real” teaches you how to honor the real you – the  you that has made mistakes, the real you – the one that may have lost their way, the real you – that others may see as insignificant, and the real you – the one that is fighting for the opportunity to make an appearance in your life.

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Time is the great equalizer. It does not discriminate or play favorites. Far too often we choose to spend it instead of investing it in the people and things that we value. What if you began to run your life like a successful corporation that had people counting on it and expected deliverables at the end of the day? What If you took the time to learn how to develop an action plan, focus on the critical issues, prioritize tasks, and become disciplined in completing them? “Time Management Tune Up” will help you identify your time thieves, establish boundaries, and learn how to live a maximized and fulfilling life. You will learn how to incorporate simple techniques into your daily activities that lead to you being prepared to seize opportunities and create a legacy that lives beyond you.
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Do you believe that there are possibilities beyond what you are able to see?  What could happen in your life if you dreamed as if what you desired to come to pass has already unfolded in the realm of your reality.  Isn’t it time that you began to dream again?  Life has a way of drawing us away from the “what could be” to the “what it is” today.  Just maybe you have rocked your dreams to sleep because they were too painful to think about and started walking into what you could create and calculate on your own.  “I Dare You” challenges you to dream even after experiencing betrayals, disappointments, and rejection.  It is a call to wake up and walk in the promises that God has made to you and a charge to become and do what is required to live a victorious life.

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Criticism and disappointments tend to encourage us to develop “thick skin” so that pain and challenges can roll off us without seeping into our hearts.  Thick skin helps us to handle adversity, push through challenges, and continue to make progress even in difficult seasons; however, the Christ that dwells within us requires us to have “tender hearts” so that we can be sensitive to others and care deeply for the people that we share connections.  Both are required of great leaders, parents, and people in general.  We are not afforded the opportunity to choose. “Thick Skin & Tender Heart” teaches how to cultivate both in a manner that allows you to experience and share the wins and woes of life with compassion, strength, and love.

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Do you have a big vision for your life, but self-doubt and distractions keep you from leaping from where you are to the place you desire to be? Isn’t it time that you unleashed the power and potential that has been dormant in you for far too long? “Life On Max” will help you identify disruptions, minimize detours, create a blue print for goal achievement, and expand your capacity for personal growth and development.  You will also learn how to release the limiting beliefs that have prevented you from maximizing opportunities and enjoying a fulfilling life.

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Isn’t it time you began to enjoy your life instead of just enduring it? This process begins with overcoming procrastination, releasing others and yourself from the blame game, and refusing to live a life that revolves around making excuses. To become a better you, you must become intentional in how you approach life, your goals, and your future. “Be Intentional” will teach you how to approach each day with clear intentions, purpose, and power.

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Get Real: Are You a Superwoman or a Supermess? (E-Book)

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The valuable insight you will get from these modules is priceless.
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