What was your initial response when you heard that the weather that we have been enjoying is about to change to rain and cool temperatures? The first thing I thought was “oh man”. This morning as I laid in bed on PURPOSE and thought about a familiar story in the book in which a gentleman needed rain and went out looking for it on several different occasions in anticipation of it coming. They had been experiencing a drought and rain was literally required in order for them to make it.

Some of us have been in a drought lately too. This drought may be in your attitude, finances, emotions, marriage, children, etc… whatever the case you need some rain. You need something to fall to refresh your dry places and spaces.You need the rain to wash away some filth, frustration, and pain.

The weather man is forecasting that rain is on the way. I just wanted to remind you this morning that the Bible forecasted the same weather report. Rain is on the way.  The rain of revelation, rain of clarity, rain of perspective, and the rain of endurance is on the way. Go get your buckets and your pots and make sure you are ready to catch it when it falls on and for you. As we prepare physically for the rain prediction, I want you to prepare spiritually for the rain prediction for you personally. Instead of saying, “oh man” – I charge you to say “Let It Rain!” Let Him Reign!