Grace is the Power of God working in your life. When we allows God’s power, God’s guidance, and God’s favor to be the driving force in our lives, we are able to sit and rest in His plan, His way, and His timing. When we “drive”, God sits down and we are on a free way with faulty breaks, incorrect road signs, and a loose stirring wheel. Everything “looks” like it is in correct working order but the truth is all it is… is a set up to trap you. They trap you in “Self” instead of directing you to “Christ.” In self all you see is weakness, mistakes, and disabilities. In Christ, you see capabilities, possibilities, and success.

Today tap into the power of Grace. Once you tap it, you will be able to set cruise control on your vehicle of life and RIDE through circumstances, situations and valley moments… you can ride over mountains… soar through storms… leap over difficulties… and end smack dab in the middle of where you are designed to be. It is amazing how distractions may come and detours show up… but you never leave the track. The only way to do this  is to ride in the Power of God and realize that your power supply has shortages.

When you utilize God’s Grace as your power supply, you don’t have to worry about a power surge or a blackout because He controls the Universe. He controls the sun… He controls EVERYTHING. Quit fighting against the prick and let Him control you. Yield, surrender, and rest and prepare to take the Ride of your life!