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    Ahh, where it all began! If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Sometimes, the best way to reach the masses is to get on a soapbox and tell it how it is. Book me for your large audiences and gatherings to motivate the crowd, spark a flame in your teenagers’ heart, place a praise in your church and handle some business at corporate events.
    When I first began speaking at gatherings, I told them just call me Keisha, because that’s who I am! Yes, I am a devout Christian, but I bleed red, breathe oxygen, enjoy reading, camping with my family and a great cup of coffee! With my life experiences, I can relate to nearly everyone and boy, do I have some testimonies to share. Let my life inspire yours and show you how to become a better you!

    I can’t say enough about how much Keisha helped to change my life. In 2005, I came to her as a hungry and desperate client. I was so hungry and in need of Spiritual Food and direction in my life. God gave that to me through Keisha. She could relate to all that I was going through in my life and offered me clarity on how to navigate through it all. I was a woman who was thirsty for God’s Love to be poured out to me, and Keisha helped lead me to the everlasting water/cup that has NEVER RUN DRY!!! I had so many dreams and desires bubbling up in my heart, and Keisha helped me channel my frustrations into short term and long term goals. I continue to use the tools that she gave me and I have passed them on to other women and girls who are struggling with their purpose in life. I thank God that he intertwined us together and I believe wholeheartedly that it was a DIVINE CONNECTION!!! God gave me the gifts, but Keisha helped pull them out of me and now as a result of that, now I am an award winning actress, writer, playwright, author, producer, director, and entertainment company owner. I am an international artist!!! I could not fathom going to the places where I have gone and meeting the people that I have met from all around the world. At the time that I first met Keisha I just wanted to do Community Theater and sing on the church praise team. Through her, God has expanded my vision of who and what I can be, and I know that the BEST IS YET TO COME!!!! Everywhere I go people are drawn and attracted to me! It is not me it’s the light that Keisha helped ignite that burns on the inside and shines on the outside. Keisha is truly a PHENOMENAL WOMAN that God has placed on this Earth to do PHENOMENAL THINGS

    Tashia Dorcey, Playright, Actress

    Meeting Keisha transformed my life into much of what it is today. She gave me the discipline, direction, guidance, encouragement, clarity & fuel to chase after a stronger relationship with God, to simplify my life and to launch a business. Her transparency catapulted me in my faith. Listening and observing her walk out her own faith has been everything. She is indeed a change agent & a TRUE Disciple. I am a product of the seeds she sowed & of her 5 Star Principles. She spoke into my life years ago, and as a bye product, all that has been instilled & revealed in me is engraved like stone tablets of wisdom in my heart. I am forever grateful.

    Rita Teacher , Teacher/Personal Chef

    Through years of book studies, audio recordings, emails, and (very) early morning chats, Keisha continues to inspire me with her deep passion for our Lord. She tirelessly pours into the lives of so many, equipping them to become all that God has ordained them to be. Her teaching is bold and assertive, but so is her love. Through every season in life, Keisha inspires others to not only face their brokenness with courage, but to fearlessly use it to launch into their divine calling.

    Roni Bunn, Medical Office Manager

    Real, authentic, and lover of Jesus are the first words I think of when I think of Keisha. There is no doubt in my mind that she strives to seek God with excellence and everything within her. My favorite thing about Keisha is that she’s real. Real about what she has gotten right, and real about what she has not. My connection with Keisha was immediate! In ministry myself, friends that you can “be real” with are hard to find. I had prayed for God to send me a friend that would just get me and let me be me! Praise God he sent my precious Keisha! I couldn’t think of a better person to link arms with and do life together. She has taught me a lot, but the most important thing I have learned from her is that I’m ok just being me!

    Melissa Griggs, Unchangeable Love Founder

    Keisha is a friend, mentor, and ministry partner. I have learned so much and will forever cherish the many lessons forever. The most impactful thing I have learned from Keisha is that no matter what walk of life you are in, stay so in tune with God that He is constantly communing with you. She has encouraged me to live everyday for Jesus and share His love and grace as often as possible. For this lesson, I am eternally grateful.

    Audrey Friedrich, Accountant

    I enjoy being under the umbrella of Keisha’s teaching. Since attending her bible study, I have learned to strengthen my relationship with God. I have also learned more about myself. I have learned that life is not about the cup being half full. It is about us allowing God to use us fully to the point that we pour our heart, soul, mind – our everything out. She often says that when she leaves this world she wants to be empty.  That is a true testimony of the kind of heart that Keisha has – she will sacrifice and give of herself so that others are blessed.

    Tanya Wilkins, Project Manager