This morning each of us woke up to a day full of opportunities, challenges, and possibilities.  Our attitude and approach determines if today was a day you invested into the life you desire to live and enjoy or if it was a day you spent doing the same old things as yesterday. The result of your day will be based on the choices YOU made and not the chances that crossed your path.

Why should you do or become anything more today than yesterday?  Why now and not tomorrow? The answer to this question is found within your expectations. Are you expecting anything different in your life… any new experiences… any changes? If you are, recognize that YOU are the only person that has the power to position yourself “smack dab” in the middle of where you are supposed to be. God has preordained a beautiful plan for you and your life and purchased it on your behalf for you to enjoy it.

Your life has a price tag on it that says… paid in full.  Which brings me to a very important question! Are you enjoying the benefits that are attached to the Paid in Full tag that hangs on your life? If no, I challenge you to investigate the benefit plan that Christ has offered you.  Become determined to find out what He paid for you to enjoy and commit to enjoying it. If yes, continue to walk in all of His beautiful promises and look for ways to share this beautiful present you call Life with someone else today.