If were to challenge you to a life of “withholding nothing,” what would it look like? Not in theory, but in reality?  Does the thought free you to dream impossible dreams or does it trap you in a pond of quick sand?

As I sat at my table this morning, and reflected over that phrase, I began to do a personal inventory over the areas that I consider the most important ones in my life. I gave each category a quick score on how well I thought I was doing, then I asked myself a challenging question. I asked myself why I was holding back in the areas that I knew I could rise higher and become more.  Was it uncertainty of the future, was it past disappointments, was it limited thinking, what was it?  What was my “thing”?

As I pulled back the veil of transparency, I witnessed this ugly monster called fear parading around on the scene. It wasn’t being loud or causing an uproar, but it was painting a picture of limitations on the canvas of my mind. Throughout different seasons in my life, it took on different images, voices, and personalities, but no matter what – it always had the same outcome.The outcome was to keep me bound in the nice little box that my enemy had arranged for me so that I would not venture out. This nice little box apparently becomes comfortable over time and you do not even realize that there are blessings and treasure beyond measure on the other side.

My question to you this morning is what is the “thing” that is hindering you from “withholding nothing” today? It is the “thing” that the enemy uses as bait and glue to keep you stuck.  othing means “NO thing” and I want to challenge you to not let anything or anyone hinder you from stepping beyond those walls of average, comfort, and tolerance.  The “thing” that is waiting for you on the other side is worth the fight. Today is the day that you say NO to that thing and yes to a life of withholding nothing.

Fear was my thing, what is yours? (WAS represents past tense – today I choose to release it!)