Sometimes we get our hopes and expectations up and then God whispers a “Not Yet” in our inner ear. Disappointment and despair tries to settle in because you believe in your heart of hearts that THIS time manifestation has come, this time the fruit will show up, this time… Your response to the NOT YET has a tremendous impact on your next season on the journey. Will you walk into it carrying baggage of exhaustion and frustration or will you move forward with expectation and hope? All four are possibilities … possibilities with life altering ramifications.

Just because you heard a “Not Yet” doesn’t mean you received a no.  Take that “Not Yet” as a reminder that you are on the way. Take that “Not Yet” as an indicator that you are closer to your “desired place” than you where before. Take that Not Yet as a “Pop Quiz” that you are still in the preparation mode. Determine to use the delay as a time to do as TD Jakes says, Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready! Let this not yet put a smile on your face because you are so ok and you are on your way. The NOT YET that you are currently experiencing is not God’s denial, it is God’s gentle tap to say keep moving in the direction that I have called you to. Keep progressing, keep trusting, and keep resting knowing that you know that God wrote the end from the beginning and He has worked out all of the details. Your job is simply to walk it out in the time that he dictates not you. Trust His timing, trust His plan, trust His agenda…Why? Because real trust produces rest. Rest in your mind and rest in your life. Rest in your “NOT YET” knowing that you shall reap your blessing, breakthrough, deliverance, goal, etc…if you faint not.